There are many skin lightening treatments available, including lasers, cryotherapy (freezing the lesions), microdermabrasion (blasting the skin with chemicals), oral procedures (pills), and topical products (creams and lotions).

Nowadays  Pure Kojic acid soap,  lightening creams and lotions are the most common care treatments you can find. You can find many kinds in the market. Some require a prescription and others are available without a prescription.

Healthy eating habits are also recommended if you have oily skin, for example too much sugar, fluids, and salt is not good.

But high protein foods such as roast duck, meat or chicken, salmon, tuna salad, bacon, cheeseburgers, milk fat, meat sheep, etc. is a good choice for a healthy diet.human skin color ranges from dark brown to almost colorless pigmentation due to blood on the skin.

Exfoliation is an autosomal recessive disorder that can be severe or frivolous, but in most cases it is frivolous and very unattractive to both men and women and can be caused by very dry or sunburned skin, or as a result of a skin disease or infection.

The symptoms most commonly associated with dry skin include peeling (peeling that is visible on the outer layer of the skin), itching, and cracked skin.

Trade secrets can consist of formulas, models, tools, or collections of information used in the business that can provide an advantage over competitors who are unfamiliar with trade secrets. 

Trade secrets can be formulas for chemical compounds, methods of manufacture, processing or preservation of materials, models for other machines or devices, or even lists of customers.