There are many ways to do hip-hop dancing, including locking, popping, and breaking. This genre allows for improvisation making it an expressive and flexible art form.

hip hop dance classes can be a great way to get some exercise. These steps will be taught to you. You will quickly master these sequences and can then move on to more difficult steps.

hip hop dance classes

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Beginning Lessons

Grooves are the foundation. Once you are comfortable with these steps, you can mix them into other routines. As you stand in front of the mirror, you will be able to see your teacher's moves. After watching, you will be able to practice your moves. The mirror will allow you to see your own rhythms and movements.

Routines and Choreography

After you've learned the basics, you can start choreographing routines. Your teacher will teach you a routine that incorporates steps you already know. You should pay close attention to your teacher as you demonstrate the routine so that you can use it in class.

Both with and without music

You can learn steps with or without music. You can still learn counted rhythms by using your own music. This can be a great way of learning fundamental rhythm skills. When you learn a new dance routine, it is possible to slow down your rhythm by not using music. Your teacher will count out loud while you practice keeping the rhythm straight.