Choosing and purchasing a boiler is only a small part of the process, and the effectiveness and quality of your boiler installation can be an important part of your quality boiler’s life. A specially trained and qualified installer costs more, but you are guaranteed a professional-quality job. 

Before installing the boiler, it is necessary to consider several important points. If you are considering installing a gas boiler, you may need to check the heater. There are many companies like Your Heat Ltd that can provide the best boiler installation services.

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The audit helps determine the actual amount of heat required so that the most suitable boiler is selected. The audit takes into account the volume and temperature of the area to be heated. 

You may be able to determine the most appropriate unit for your area, but some engineering calculations may be required.

• You need to determine the total area to be heated.

• Your heater must have an efficiency of at least 80 to 90%.

Help from professionals can assist here. Qualified personnel also take into account air movement in the area to determine the most efficient heating method for your home. 

The minimum amount of heat required under normal conditions is 30 to 35 units per square foot and in colder climates, it can be up to 60 units per square foot.

There are several other advantages to using a professional plumber, and perhaps the biggest one is the safety factor that now requires all new boiler installations to be carried out by a Gas Safe plumber. 

Registered installers must adhere to a code of conduct that includes a phone call to confirm a meeting for your boiler installation.