Prosecuting sexual crimes against children is often a difficult task for many reasons. First, obtaining testimony from suspected victims after the case is brought to law enforcement agencies can be a daunting task. 

Good sex crime defense lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida can point out and highlight these inconsistencies with the prosecutor and/or ultimately the jury. Another difficulty in creating child sex cases is the fact that suspects often have motives to lie or are biased against them. 

Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Metro Detroit Michigan

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The majority of sexual offense indictments include different possible sentences depending on the age of the accused perpetrator and victim as well as the alleged action. Under the Florida Penal Code, sex offenses charges typically include prison terms that range from years in prison to life. 

In addition to detention, Florida law provides that certain sex offense sentences contain very strict legal requirements, restrictions, and designations for sex offenders. Of course, every criminal case is unique. However, it is possible to defend and/or resolve your case without detention or without the strict application of the sexual offense label. 

Your attorney will evaluate your case and possibly consider some of the issues discussed above related to issues a state case may have. Other issues your attorney may be able to address include whether there is any reason to deviate from Florida guidelines on penalties to avoid a prison sentence.