The installation of toilets is among the most essential aspects of plumbing to think about. For all that, how do you stay in your home if you don't have functioning toilets? It's the single most important fixture in your house. To get more details about  toilet installation you may see it here

toilet installation

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While most people put in a toilet with no contemplation, it could end up being an expensive mistake. Before you install, think about all of these factors to ensure you're getting the right toilet for your home

Utility bills: Bathrooms use nearly half of the household's water consumption the toilet alone accounting for 25-30 percent of the water you use. When you upgrade to a more efficient toilet the water bill will fall by approximately 10,000 gallons.

Chair Height: The typical height for an ordinary toilet is approximately 14.5 inches. But, other models are specifically designed to fit those who are slightly taller, who are taller than 16 inches. Similarly, handicap-friendly toilets can range between 17 and 19 inches. 

Spacing: Most homes require 15 inches from wall to center and at least two feet from the front in order to make room for a brand new toilet. While this might be adequate in the case of a small available space for your bathroom and you have a minimum of 30 inches in front of you will help you feel less cramped.