It can be stressful to arrange child care. There are so many things to consider and so many things you need to worry about, it can become overwhelming. Parents want the best for their children. Most parents would prefer to not put their child in daycare, but most parents have to work, and staying home with the child or children just puts too much of a financial burden on the family.

The childcare in Killara can make a big difference in the stress levels of both parents and children. All of the top child care facilities share certain characteristics. These attributes will help you narrow down your search for the best child care provider in your locality. 

Each state has a rating system in place for child care centers. Ratings are made based on several criteria, including cleanliness, safety, education, program, and security. Each state usually has a county office that can refer children to child care; this is a great place to start.

While it is not something that you would expect to see a security guard at the door of a daycare center, a well-fenced backyard is a good indicator of your child's safety. Do a scan of the area where your child will be spending part of their day when you visit the daycare center. You should look for signs that indicate the area is safe and secure.

Are the outlets covered? No loose wiring hanging around? Are there any shelves or desks that can be tipped over by the children? Are cabinets secure? Many daycare centers have been able to set up webcams that allow parents to monitor their children's activities by logging in to a secure website. Some daycare centers offer this added benefit.