An arcade machine is a great option for children. A skeeball machine is an excellent choice if you have limited space or are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. The skee ball machine is compact and easy to use for kids. Its brightly painted solid wood cabinet is built to last.

The Ideal Size for Kids

A regulation-sized Skee-Ball Home Arcade Premium from sites like AlleyRollers measures ten feet in length and is five to six feet high. A slightly smaller version of the skeeball machine is also available. These are perfect for children and adults who are shorter. It is also easier to install than a full-size Skeeball Machine, and it weighs only 69 lbs, making it easy to move around in your home.

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Solid Wood Construction

This model is made of solid wood, which you will love. We all know how destructive children can be. This one-piece design is reinforced with wood legs and has a scratch-resistant surface to withstand intense gameplay. The scoring rings are made from ABS, a durable plastic material.

Brightly colored design

Skeeball machines are often available in wood or solid colors like black. This Big Sky model is different! Bright red, yellow and blue graphics with balloon animals, banners and a ferris-wheel will be a hit with the whole family.