Start your painting by setting up a clean workspace with ample space. You should ensure that you have sufficient lighting. The typical lighting in a room is not enough due to the fact that you work with extremely small objects and very fine details. 

You can buy these paints from online hobby shops. If you want to buy quality paints visit to order them for painting your miniatures. Examine the surfaces you intend to paint. Check for flaws or issues, as well as excess plastic or metal. Get rid of these pieces using an edge cutter or a file.

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Prepare the miniatures using white primer. This primer protects the model from being damaged as well as stops paint from peeling away and allows you to observe the finer parts that the models have. Make sure that you apply the primer extremely thin and uniformly. Do not let it get in the way of the finer parts.

Paint all the colors on your miniature beginning by painting the larger sections. What you're doing is reaching down into the interior parts of the miniature and then painting them. Imagine this like layers of clothes. Paint the undergarments first, then the pants and shirt then the belt, boots, and the hat. Start from the inside out to the outside.