Children and adults alike have trouble sleeping and sometimes this problem is caused by poor sleep habits. As a parent, you need to consistently develop your child's sleep habits. When you have twins, you need to work harder to stick to the regimen, if only to help them develop good sleep habits. 

Sleep continues to be more than 12 hrs until a baby is three years old. This is a time when your twins need an afternoon more than a morning dream, and the transition can cause the kids to be moody before they're tucked into their quirky crib. 

The better they go to bed, the better they will feel in the morning for the next round of play and self-discovery. It is now really efficient to look for twin kids bed for a perfect sleep. 

Carmichael Gray Wooden Bunk Beds with Stairs

Here's how kids can sleep early and soundly in their unique crib:-

* Take your kids out into the afternoon sun. Outdoor exposure makes children tired before going to bed.

* Make them wear socks. It puts the child to sleep as his body temperature drops.

* Lower the temperature in the room before going to bed. This signals to the body that it is time to sleep.

* Turn off the night lights as they can wake up the twins in the middle of the night.

* Purchase a new mattress for a unique crib for maximum comfort.

* Give them a gentle massage by rubbing your back or feet to help them fall asleep. It works really well!