CCTV cameras are without a doubt considered one of the best security systems today. It is the best choice for avoiding crime and monitoring suspicious activity. This type of camera is mainly used to control the monitored information and transmit it to a remote location. 

Although both wired and wireless CCTV systems are used for data transmission purposes, wireless technology is attracting a lot of attention from users today. There are a number of reasons that force people to use wireless CCTV cameras in Bristol instead of wired cameras. 

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The simplicity of wireless systems has made these systems more popular these days. Typically, in a wireless system, the transmission of video and audio signals to the receiver is carried out over a fixed radio frequency band.

Currently there are two types of wireless video surveillance systems available in the market, such as analog systems and modern digital systems. Analog systems use traditional radio frequencies, while newer digital systems use higher radio frequencies and transmit data in a fixed form. 

There is no doubt that digital camera systems are much better and more capable than analog systems. Compared to analog systems, the detection range of digital camera systems is much larger. These cameras can transmit signals up to a distance of 450 feet or more, while analog cameras can only send signals up to 300 feet. You can even search online for more information about CCTV cremas in Bristol.