What is an animated explainer video?

This animated explainer video can be used to engage your audience online and offline. The animated explainer video explains in most cases what you do or what your company is about. You can browse here to get the amazing animated videos to present your business online.

Many companies around the world have used animated explainer videos to simplify complicated ideas and concepts for customers and prospects. They have been able to increase sales and strengthen their brand.

These animated explainer videos have been a huge success for both small and large companies. They can be used to market their products, explain complex procedures, and teach what they offer. The responsive engagement created by the videos has resulted in an increase in their

Return on Investment and an increased number of clients.

How do you make animated explainer videos? These animated videos can be embedded on websites. These animated videos can be used to create TV commercials that explain who you are and your work.

Your highly converting explainer video must go through several stages. First, the producers need a high-converting video script that is written by a skilled copywriter. Your sales message or ideas must be translated by the copywriter into a 150-word script that communicates your message clearly and concisely.

Video scripts are the most crucial element in animated explainer videos. They will either make or destroy the video. The video script should be concise and must convey the message within the time limit of one minute, which is the usual length for most videos. Animation explainer videos are usually between 1 and 2 minutes long. Each minute contains approximately 150 words.