No matter where you work in the Dental Nurse position you will find numerous things that are the same. However, there are specific roles for Dental Nurses and tasks that are more typical at certain places of work than others. 

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There will be certain methods you aren't capable of performing without additional education. A typical day for a Dental Assistant will include the following primary duties:

  • Fillings, other fillers, and other preparation materials
  • Offering support and comfort to the patient
  • Sterilizing instruments
  • Processing and making x-rays
  • Cleaning and tidying up the dental office
  • Information about recording and filing of patients
  • Informing patients about dental hygiene
  • Controlling stock
  • Beyond that, the Dental Nurse job description may differ based on the setting you work in.

Dental Clinic:

Dental clinics are open during normal operating hours and are typically somewhat more regular. As a Dental Nurse at an office for dental care, one of the main responsibilities of your job is to help the dentist in a calm and efficient manner in the treatment and procedures.

Your role as a dental nurse may also involve some involvement in the upkeep and care of the clinic. This includes ensuring the hygiene guidelines are followed and that the files are organized.

If you continue to train and further your education, you may be able to find yourself working in the field of Orthodontic Dental Nurse jobs. Orthodontics is a specialization of dentistry that concentrates on straightening and correcting bites as well as repairing teeth.

Dental orthodontics is offered to dental nurses that wish to continue their education and further develop their abilities.