Online listings are better than offline business guides because the internet has become the tool of choice for most clients. A lot of people look to the internet for information on businesses, services and products in their area.

Therefore, the proprietor who lists their company online is more likely to connect with potential clients. Online business listings make it possible for entrepreneurs to receive feedback from their clients, and this is never the case with traditional paper directories.

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Local internet directories allow recommendations, reviews and comments from clients. The entrepreneurs will know what they are doing right as well as anything that they could be doing wrong. This will help them to improve their business in order to please their clients.

The environmental cost of producing traditional paper directories is quite high. Millions of trees have to be cut down every year in order to make these directories. The price of pulp and water has increased over the years, meaning that offline business guides will become harder to produce. 

Furthermore, these listings will end up in a dustbin when they are no longer useful. This is not the case with online listings as the internet is paperless. In case the information is no longer useful, it is easily deleted or updated at no extra cost to the environment.

Offline directories are not developing as fast as the marketing industry demands. Online listings are very convenient because of all the technological developments that are incorporated in these listings. These listings often have maps that can pinpoint the exact location of the business.

Entrepreneurs can list their companies in as many directories as possible that are relevant to their industry. Their investment will be worth it as their profits margin and online traffic will improve significantly.