South Asia is a region that has received not only large amounts of attention from international powers, but also from the media. We have compiled a list of news updates in South Asia so that you can be up-to-date on all the latest news!

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  • In South Asia, the largest economy in India with a GDP of $2.4 trillion. The second-largest economy in China with a GDP of $1.3 trillion. 
  • There are five countries with a population of over 1 million people: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
  • The religious makeup is fairly diverse with Hindus constituting around 80% of the population in India and Nepal, while Muslims account for around 20% of the population in both countries. Christians make up around 2% of the population in India and 5% in Nepal. Buddhists make up around 1% of the population in both India and Nepal. There are also significant populations of followers of other religions including Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Jains, and Hindus who practice yoga.
  • Indian and Pakistani forces clashed in disputed Kashmir. The violence is the latest in a series of clashes that have plagued the region for over two decades. According to Reuters, at least four people were killed and fifteen injured in the fighting. The disputed region has seen a rise in tensions between the two countries in recent years.
  • In neighboring China, another conflict is brewing. This time, it's over Beijing's construction of a new military base in the contested Diaoyu Islands. The Chinese government has come under fire from the Japanese public and media for its decision to build the base. Japan claims ownership of the islands, which China disputes. Protests have been staged in several Chinese cities over the past few weeks.