A diaper changing station is an area dedicated to changing diapers, as well as the storage of any items required. When your precious baby is two and a half age, you've bought and used around fifty thousand diapers. In addition, you will need cleansers and creams that keep your baby soft.

It's for this reason that almost every nursery will come with an adequately stocked changing area for keeping baby necessities such as T-shirts and diapers on the ready. Your budget and space requirements will determine what is the most suitable. You can also opt to buy a safari changing mat at mamashack.co.uk/products/changing-mat-monochrome-safari/ if you have less space in your house.

Changing Mat

When you're putting together the nursery for your baby, you might think about buying a changing table for diapers. A properly designed table for changing diapers has all the items you require to take care of your baby during diaper changing time. 

After you have placed your baby on the changing table and removed the diaper, it is not safe to leave your baby alone while you look for the necessary items to complete the diaper change, that's the reason that the changing table is vital.

It might be better to buy an infant changing table that has drawers that convert into a desk or dresser for later use after the baby has grown older and no longer in diapers.