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Bathroom renovation is a tricky job. And the challenge becomes bigger when the space goes smaller. Do you desire of having practical features along with a spacious and relaxing bathroom but don’t have much area? There are some renovation ideas for small bathrooms that you can use to get what you need.

  1. A Simple Colour Scheme: Using similar (or same) colour tones throughout creates the illusion of a larger room. You can go for shades of beige, grey, black, or all white. Also, get the walls and ceiling painted in the same colour. You can expand the use of tiles in the shower. Including transitions between colours and materials can make the bathroom look more open.
  2. The Lighting: Using natural light is the best method to brighten and make a small space appear bigger. Also, natural light is favourable for shaving and makeup, while making the space feel luxurious. It’s also a cost-effective approach to getting the desired light.
  3. Be open to glass and mirror: You might have been reading about placing a mirror in a small living area for the illusion of a bigger space. The same is true for bathrooms as well. Try including a ceiling mirror or other options that cover the whole wall above the vanity in the design plan.
  4. Storage: Storage is another concern of small places. There are some options you can consider when planning a renovation of a small bathroom. Create cabinets in your walls along with the doors that mix well with the colour scheme and use multipurpose elements like a floating vanity.

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